Hosted Tournaments

Loveland Drums of War

Picture of Raging Asian Women taiko group from Canada

Raging Asian Women taiko group from Canada

The Loveland High School Speech and Debate team extends a warm welcome and invitation to your team to participate in the first varsity tournament of the season for Colorado: The fifth annual Loveland Drums of War Invitational on November 5th, 2022.  Register at  We are delighted to see you in person at Loveland High School in beautiful Loveland, CO.  Please see the tournament website for additional information.

Cupid Shot me in my After-School Congress

Need to get students enough NSDA points to qualify for the district qualification tournaments?  Have students that want to get to the next NSDA honor society level?  Need to get your students to practice for the qualification season?  With the rare alignment of our town and school name, a national holiday, and my student’s strange and slightly unhealthy attraction to Congressional Debate, we warmly welcome you to our fourth annual after-school student congress.  We feature a fantastic event for your speech students we borrowed from our friends in Utah: Character Congress.  To maintain accessibility and have more of our friends from the state and around the country join us again, we will hold this tournament virtually.  Register at